Well one of leading sponsors and supporter has done it again.

Thank you RW “Dick” Charbonneau for your generous gift to the memorial. With these funds we are closer to adding another statue to the memorial park.

Pictured from back to front are Jim Hatten, Ralph Hoffman, Ken Olson. Front row

Jamie Swecker and RW Charbonneau


We are also grateful with the donation from First Federal Bank & Trust.  The bank and the staff there are going to be invaluable help with the memorial and the run in 2024. Thank you Lynn Harper, Robyn Barta, Tiffany McNeef, and Kayla Carranco for your generous gift of time and knowledge to the memorial.

We would also like to thank them for the generous donation from the bank to the memorial.

Pictured are Back row:  Jim Hatten, Ralph Hoffman and Ken Olson

Front row: Lynn Harper, Jamie Swecker, Robyn Barta, Tiffany McNeef and Kayla Carranco

First Fed